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The leading causes of neck pain according to a chiropractor

Neck pain doesn’t come out of nothing. Even if sometimes you don’t get to know the real cause, there has to be something behind its occurrence. According to chiropractors, the root cause is simply the neck vertebra getting out of position. The spine projects into the neck region to connect to the head. Any abnormalities concerning the neck vertebra will cause improper movements that tear the flesh or pinch the nerves to trigger pain. The pain will not go away as long as the misalignment persists. Correction of such conditions is easy with a chiropractor involved. Here are the common causes of neck pain.


It’s the leading cause of neck pain. The spine is intact under normal circumstances. However, there are joints in between the vertebra that facilitate motion including the turning of the neck to a certain degree. When there is a sudden impact say due to a car accident, the spinal joints around the neck region form the weak points where the spine can get out of position. It can be either from front to back impact or side to side sudden movement. Both will come with severe pain that doesn’t disappear. For such cases, you need to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible to prevent further complications. The ligaments and the tendons will be aligned and left to heal naturally.

Poor use of phones

Smartphones are amazing in all aspects. They are personal companions no matter where you might be. However, not all the people know how to use these gadgets the healthy way. In fact, the biggest population is addicted to using the mobile devices in such a way that it hurts their necks. When out in the field, it is common to find people using phones often having their heads hunched. Considering that that posture might be adopted for long hours today, tomorrow and the days to come, it causes some neck nerves to be pinched on a permanent basis as the vertebra gets out of position. What follows is pure pain.

Poor sleeping habits

When asleep, you don’t have much control of your positions. You can only ensure safety before you sleep by having a nice pillow below your head. Those who opt for flat pillows are the same people who keep complaining of neck pain. That’s because instead of the neck being straight as it is supposed to be naturally, it has to be stretched a bit to adopt a gradient to the flat pillow.

Awkward positioning of the neck for long

Your neck should be in motion most of the times. The people who sit behind screens watching all day have an issue to deal with hear. If you are a painter, and you keep staring at the ceiling for too long, you are also not safe. A chiropractor will advise that you keep your neck in motion to prevent neck pains.

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Do You Really Need Regular Dental Visits?

If you have never gone for a dental checkup, you are making a terrible mistake. Oral hygiene is vital for everyone, and not going for checkups is a bad move for you. Certain teeth complications need to be detected early, or they can lead to very painful situations. The best way to avoid oral complications is to visit your nearest dental clinic and get the professional dental health services that you need. One can get the best dental health services in Fleming Island so as to have healthy teeth, gums, and mouth.

When should you go for Dental Visits?

One is advised to go for a dental checkup every six months. Regular dental visits are critical so as to ensure the maintenance of one’s healthy teeth and gums. In between the regular checkups, it is necessary that one keeps their teeth and gums clean and healthy. In case you need additional assistance once should get in touch with their dentist so as to get the necessary kind of guidance and professional advice.

What Happens During a Regular Visit?

By visiting a dental clinic in Fleming Island, certain procedures are done so as to ensure you get the proper kind of oral health care. A dental examination will be done by the dentist so as to check the state of your teeth and identify any complications that you may have. Checking for tooth decay is one part of the dental examination. During your checkup appointment, the dentist will evaluate the state of your teeth, gums, and mouth, also you will probably get a neck and head examination. The dentist will look for any signs of oral cancer, misshapen jawbone, cavities, and many other complications. After the exam, the dentist or dental hygienist will clean our teeth and advice you on how to keep your teeth clean at all times. Some of the things done in a clinical dental examination include checking your bite, taking x-rays, looking for evidence of tooth decay, examining of the tongue and gums, looking for broken teeth, checking for broken fillings and so much more.

Dental Cleaning

Once the examination has been completed, you will get a professional dental cleaning so as to maintain perfect oral hygiene. Various procedures are involved in dental cleaning, including polishing your teeth, flossing, checking the state of teeth and gums and removing plaque and tartar.

Once the all the necessary procedures have been completed, the dental professional will tell you on the health state of your teeth and recommend any necessary steps to ensure that you have perfect oral hygiene. Remember, by visiting your local Fleming Island dentist clinic, you will be able to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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What teeth whitening options do I have?

Teeth’s whitening is something that virtually everyone would love to do if they were given the options. Do you want to whiten your teeth? Below are some of the options you can explore.

Whitening toothpastes

Any toothpaste that you can lay your hands on in the shops has got tooth whitening properties as they are always capable of removing the surface stains. This is through the mild abrasion action that scrubs your teeth.

Going for tooth whitening toothpastes have an added advantage to all the common toothpastes. The specialized teeth whitening toothpastes have a special polishing chemical to make stain removal more effective. Unlike bleaches, these types never change teeth color as they are only capable of dealing with stains.


There are two types of bleaching namely the in-office and at-home bleaching. The in-office type is where the patient visits the dentist and allows the specialist to apply a protective gel to your gum then goes ahead to apply a bleaching agent on your teeth. On the other hand, the at-home bleaching is where peroxide-containing whiteners are used by the patient at home. Typically, these whiteners come in gel forms or in strip forms.

Are there any side effects associated with tooth whitening?

There are people who always experience lots of sensitivity in their tooth after doing whitening protocols for some time. This is most frequent when the whitener you use has peroxide as an ingredient. When the peroxide in these products gets in the dentin’s soft layer through the enamel, the nerves are irritated thus the sensitivity. If you experience such sensitivity, do not stop the whitening process. What you should do is to change your whitening product to that which doesn’t have peroxide in its list of ingredients. You can also delay the treatment for some time and try again later.

Overuse of whiteners is yet another cause of tooth sensitivity. Your teeth can be damaged if you over use these products. The gums and enamel are the most susceptible here. Always follow directions to the latter and also consult your dentist whenever you are doing whitening.

Is there a way I can handle the tooth sensitivity during whitening

Combination of oil pulling procedure with any teeth whitening protocol is a sure way of dealing with sensitivity. Before that, ensure that you don’t overdo or overuse the whiteners. Overdoing may cause harm to your enamel within no time. Oil pulling has got both whitening properties as well as healing properties to the teeth. The oil pulling technique pulls the bacteria that corrode the tooth surface thus leaving the nerves naked. As a result, the healing process begins and soon you suffer no sensitivity again.

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Care from a Chiropractor is an alternative and sometimes complementary medicine that employs spinal manipulation to help achieve wellbeing. It does this while also focusing on maiming the health of other bones, nerves and muscles. Pregnancy comes with weight and morphological changes that affect the spine, bone and the general health of nerves. These calls for this adjustment relieve bone and nerve stress thus improving the general health of a woman during and after pregnancy.

It is recommended Chiropractic Pediatrics Association

Chiropractic Pediatrics Association recommends that women get chiropractic care all through their pregnancy. This has health benefits for both the mother and the baby. Chiropractic care is believed to help the women to maintain high level of spine health and also achieve better pelvic balance. Achieving pelvic balance provides ample space for the baby to grow and turn.

There are chiropractors whose focus in on prenatal and post natal care of women. These chiropractors use their hands and relevant tools to help the women to perform their task. They employ techniques that avoid harmful pressure on the abdomen of the expectant woman. They will also provide a woman with stretches and exercises that can help her to remain physically active during the period when she is expectant.

It helps the body to handle the changes

Pregnancy triggers psychological changes in a woman in preparation for the coming baby. It also triggers changes in the endocrine system of a woman that will enable her to sustain the pregnancy and be able to raise her baby. This changes generally impact behavior and body morphology. Pregnancy generally causes the abdomen to protrude therefore shifting the center of gravity in the body of a woman. There are also changes that occur in the pelvic girdle of a woman that also influence her body morphology. This affects the spine health and can therefore cause pain after the child has been delivered.

Prevention of breech birth

The pelvis of a woman may also be misaligned. This may minimize the room a baby has to move. Medically, this is called intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constrain may affect the wellbeing of the mother. It can also cause difficulty during delivery. The baby may find it difficult to get to the right position and therefore can cause breech birth. Chiropractic manipulation can ensure that the pelvic girdle is well positioned to ensure in a maneuver known as Webster Technique. This positively impacts the growth of the child in the uterus and also reduces the cases of breech births.

Keeps the nervous system healthy

Keeping the nervous system healthy aids communication of the entire body. Spinal manipulation ensures that the Central Nervous System is healthy and therefore makes communication of body systems including the reproductive system effective. Better nervous response during pregnancy is important because a lot depends on prompt response to stimuli.


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Importance of chiropractor peoria care

More and more people are choosing the drug- free medical alternative that is chiropractic care to deal with and cure musculoskeletal disorders. The fact that it takes a zero- drug approach to treat lots of problems makes even more attractive. No more dealing with pills. But why exactly should you consider taking chiropractic treatments. Easy; the benefits are numerous.

Reduce chronic pains

Pain that persists for long, usually more than twelve weeks, is referred to as chronic pain. It may originate from the spine, the brain or even the body. This sort of problem could affect your usual performance, thereby affecting your overall productivity. However, that problem can be solved through the use of chiropractic treatment. A chiropractor is able to assist you to reduce such pain and eventually get rid of it totally. All you have to do is register with a professional chiropractor, let them examine you and start attending treatment sessions.

Posture improvement

Having a problem with your body balance? Then chiropractic treatment is what you need. Most people tend to spend most of their time in offices, sitting behind their laptops. Such people may have problems with their postures since their body may have lost balance. They may even develop back pains that would eventually get to their neck and shoulders. However, through chiropractic treatments, the right adjustments can be made to align the spine so that the right balance is achieved. The chiropractor may even suggest activities that will strengthen the muscles and consequently your posture.

Strengthening the immune system

Having a strong immune system means keeping most, if not all forms of illnesses at bay and not having to worry about getting medical care. This means that you won’t have to spend too much in hospitals seeking treatment. Well, regularly visits to the chiropractic center have been known to boost the immune system. This, therefore, means that you will get to enjoy good health and will not have to worry about hospital visits. As an additional benefit, medical expenditure that comes from such regular visits to the hospital will also be reduced.

Stress reduction

Generally, the pain that the body experiences is due to the stress that the body gets exposed to everyday. However, with expert chiropractic care, the body’s exposure to stress can be reduced. This will in return reduce the body’s likeliness to suffer. All this can be achieved naturally without necessarily turning to pills. This demonstrates the extraordinary power of chiropractic treatment and its capability to rid the body of some of its recurrent problems.

Headache relief

Like other illnesses, headaches too can hinder your performance, and thus your productivity. Factor in the fact the pain and inconvenience it can cause, and it becomes a problem. But, if you consult a chiropractor, it can be treated effectively.



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Brushing Teeth With Your Toddler Can Be Fun by plano tx dentist

Most of the time, brushing a toddler teeth turns out to be a battle before you even begin and most of that time, you are not even sure you are winning that battle. It is not easy at all to brush the teeth of a resisting toddler but with these five steps, you can eliminate that resistance so your next focus can be the actual use of brushing teeth, oral hygiene.

Give the toddler a toothbrush as well

Let them in on the action so make sure both of you actually have toothbrushes. There is a very high chance your toddler will probably chew on it and try a few things here and there with it but after that, you can move in and do the actual cleaning. With your toothbrush, you will do a more thorough job and they are likely to let you in once they are having fun with it.

Brush your teeth in front of them

Try to make sure that your toddler is with you when you brush your teeth in order for you to set an example. What you want is for them to understand that brushing teeth is something that everyone does and that you happily do it every morning and night before you go to bed.
Talk to them about your day
Now what you want to achieve here is a distraction. Once you start brushing their teeth, you can talk about everything that happened on that day and you will see how fast they will stop focusing on the toothbrush in order to focus on remembering the day’s events. Now, you must be wondering what you will be discussing in the morning, since well, the day has just began but, you can always discuss breakfast and if they liked it, or the cups you used. Anything that comes to mind, of interest to them of course, will work.

Sing their favorite song

Brushing teeth does not take up so much time so you can sing one favorite song and by the time you are done, you will be done with the teeth. A song like twinkle twinkle little star will do just fine as long as you make sure that brushing time is not a chore for you or even for them.

Play a game

Children love games and if you choose this time to play a game, you can be sure they will be looking forwards to this task. You can try making a rooster sound and asking then if the rooster is in their mouth, once you ask them to open up, they will only be too glad to do it. You can use any animal until you are done brushing and you will both be happy after that.

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Professional associations are important part of any business that deals directly with human lives. This is not only for the protection of the professional, but also for the protection of the people they serve. In this case association of chiropractors is valuable for all stake holders in chiropractic practice.

Protection of stake holders

It is hard for a patient to go to the hospital, private or public and demand for proof of qualification of the practitioner who will serve him or her. Therefore the patient is vulnerable to fall in the hands of quacks who will give results that are not satisfactory or put the patients in a situation where they have had botched treatment which in this case may mean damage to the spinal cord. Therefore association protects the client by combing out such quacks leaving only legitimate professionals. Patients also have a place where they can forward their complaints to be dealt with.

Chiropractors benefit from chiropractic association just as their clients do. They are able to remain legitimate because only the qualified ones are allowed to practice otherwise no one would like to deal with a quack. Associations also respond to blames that are directed toward the chiropractic practitioners. The association is large enough and has enough influence to influence policy changes and to give an outcry when the policy will damage the profession.

The students who study chiropractic in college are able to remain calm knowing that they are secured professionals.


Chiropractic association supports the development and expansion of chiropractic. Chiropractors through advocacy answer the questions they may have and the misconceptions the prospective too. Patient benefit from the education that the society offers, they may learn from trusted people how to deal with certain issues pertaining to the health of their spine and general health. The information can guide them to appropriate choice of care.

Career development of professionals

People need information to develop their career. It may not be easy to access continuous professional education without an association. Chiropractic association therefore does a marvelous job of creating opportunities for continuing professional education to keep the professionals aware of the trends and changes in chiropractic practice. The association also connects professionals who are newly penetrating the industry to the seasoned ones to help them know how to cope with challenges at present and the ones that are bound to come.

Financial and legal muscle

To sustain any practice or business you need financial muscle to get through. Especially if it is a growing field in health care, you need financial capability to be able to conduct research to build further on evidence based practice. The financial muscle also becomes valuable when you need legal machinery to help you protect your course. Yet there is no better way to become that strong other than pooling together and gathering resources far beyond what one individual would.

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How to choose a competent Eagan chiropractor

Finding the best treatment when it comes to chiropractic problems is what many people wish. This is the reason why one will need to find good services so that their problems can be solved once and for all. There are very many clinics that have emerged to offer these kind of services and the best thing that one can do first research on them thoroughly. This will give one a chance of landing in a good clinic where they will be offered the services they want. Due to their large numbers, many people usually find it to be a daunting task when they want to find the services of a chiropractic doctor. Some of them usually charge high prices that some people can’t afford or will need to stretch beyond their breaking point in order to afford them. There are others who have moderate prices and will give quality treatment also.

Processes in a chiropractic clinic and the costs

When one has gone seeking for these services, there are those questions that one can ask their attendants in order to determine that they are the most preferred for treatment or not. One should first ask whether there are charges after consultation with the doctor.

There are those places where there will be charges when one has consulted with the doctor while in others it is free of charge. This should be among the first questions in for one to be ready should there be a payment to be made. One should also ask if the chiropractor will offer any kind of discounts and if they are, then what kind are they. There are those who will reduce the cash for payment after some time of treatment.

Red flags to note about chiropractic treatment programs

Seeking for chiropractic treatment will also need one to be very careful in their search. This is because there are those clinic which may claim to be qualified to offer those kind of services while in the real sense they are not. This will require one to be careful so that they don’t end up getting the wrong services that will not solve their problems. Some of the red flags that should ring a bell include:

Long term contracts based on a brief exam

In many places, they have come up with a marketing technique where they will offer their patients with free spinal exam in order to determine the next course of action. There is nothing wrong with this unless the patient is asked to sign a long term treatment plan without being clinically tested.

Spinal manipulation on posture alone.

When a patient has a poor posture but there are no complains at the moment, then a competent chiropractor should be able to discuss exercise or stretching programs in order to find out more.


Good dental health practices for your family

Observing dental health is beneficial for your family. By practicing good family dental habits, you can enjoy bright smiles from your loving family. Simple things such as regular brushing, flossing and taking your kids to the Dentist Salem Or can make a difference that can last a lifetime. All you need to do is to be proactive. Here are some good practices to observe and ensure your good health for your family;


Start dental hygiene for children early


A huge number of children suffer from teeth diseases especially when very young. Twenty-five percent of children have tooth decay before they start school. Almost half of teenagers between the age of 12 and 16 have developed cavities. With such statistics, it is a good idea to start observing good dental hygiene as soon as a tooth appears. A soft damp cloth or soft toothbrush can be used to clean the teeth of very small children. At two years old, you can teach them to brush their own teeth but under your supervision.


Limit fluoride usage


Good toothpaste or mouthwash should have fluoride to fight off tooth decay. However, fluoride should not be in excess. Too much fluoride in toothpaste can be detrimental to your teeth. Especially for kids who are still in their teeth growing age. A condition known as mottling of the teeth can occur when teeth are exposed to excess fluoride. This condition stains teeth and leaves a brown coat on the enamel. Another source of excess fluoride can be in drinking water. In developed countries, most of the drinking water is fluoridated to safe levels.


Brush and flossing of teeth


Many kids will experience tooth decay which can develop into cavities. Children like eating sweet and sugary foods but they do not know they are bad for their teeth. It is good to teach your children how to brush their teeth thoroughly. For younger children, it is good to be there to supervise them. This will ensure that they can fight off tooth decay and maintain good oral health. Brushing should be done twice a day. You should also floss your teeth and children’s teeth once a day. Flossing removes debris and plaque hidden between teeth.


Schedule dentist appointments for the family


At any age, you and your family stand to benefit from visiting a dentist. The standard recommendation is to see a dentist every six months. The dentist will clean your teeth and remove any plaque, tartar or tooth decay in places where your toothbrush can not reach. It is also good to visit regularly as the dentist can detect signs of gum disease, mouth cancer and wear and tear of teeth. Mouth cancer can be cured 90% of the time if it is detected early. Early detection also prevents cancer from spreading to other parts of the body.