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Professional associations are important part of any business that deals directly with human lives. This is not only for the protection of the professional, but also for the protection of the people they serve. In this case association of chiropractors is valuable for all stake holders in chiropractic practice.

Protection of stake holders

It is hard for a patient to go to the hospital, private or public and demand for proof of qualification of the practitioner who will serve him or her. Therefore the patient is vulnerable to fall in the hands of quacks who will give results that are not satisfactory or put the patients in a situation where they have had botched treatment which in this case may mean damage to the spinal cord. Therefore association protects the client by combing out such quacks leaving only legitimate professionals. Patients also have a place where they can forward their complaints to be dealt with.

Chiropractors benefit from chiropractic association just as their clients do. They are able to remain legitimate because only the qualified ones are allowed to practice otherwise no one would like to deal with a quack. Associations also respond to blames that are directed toward the chiropractic practitioners. The association is large enough and has enough influence to influence policy changes and to give an outcry when the policy will damage the profession.

The students who study chiropractic in college are able to remain calm knowing that they are secured professionals.


Chiropractic association supports the development and expansion of chiropractic. Chiropractors through advocacy answer the questions they may have and the misconceptions the prospective too. Patient benefit from the education that the society offers, they may learn from trusted people how to deal with certain issues pertaining to the health of their spine and general health. The information can guide them to appropriate choice of care.

Career development of professionals

People need information to develop their career. It may not be easy to access continuous professional education without an association. Chiropractic association therefore does a marvelous job of creating opportunities for continuing professional education to keep the professionals aware of the trends and changes in chiropractic practice. The association also connects professionals who are newly penetrating the industry to the seasoned ones to help them know how to cope with challenges at present and the ones that are bound to come.

Financial and legal muscle

To sustain any practice or business you need financial muscle to get through. Especially if it is a growing field in health care, you need financial capability to be able to conduct research to build further on evidence based practice. The financial muscle also becomes valuable when you need legal machinery to help you protect your course. Yet there is no better way to become that strong other than pooling together and gathering resources far beyond what one individual would.

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