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Care from a Chiropractor is an alternative and sometimes complementary medicine that employs spinal manipulation to help achieve wellbeing. It does this while also focusing on maiming the health of other bones, nerves and muscles. Pregnancy comes with weight and morphological changes that affect the spine, bone and the general health of nerves. These calls for this adjustment relieve bone and nerve stress thus improving the general health of a woman during and after pregnancy.

It is recommended Chiropractic Pediatrics Association

Chiropractic Pediatrics Association recommends that women get chiropractic care all through their pregnancy. This has health benefits for both the mother and the baby. Chiropractic care is believed to help the women to maintain high level of spine health and also achieve better pelvic balance. Achieving pelvic balance provides ample space for the baby to grow and turn.

There are chiropractors whose focus in on prenatal and post natal care of women. These chiropractors use their hands and relevant tools to help the women to perform their task. They employ techniques that avoid harmful pressure on the abdomen of the expectant woman. They will also provide a woman with stretches and exercises that can help her to remain physically active during the period when she is expectant.

It helps the body to handle the changes

Pregnancy triggers psychological changes in a woman in preparation for the coming baby. It also triggers changes in the endocrine system of a woman that will enable her to sustain the pregnancy and be able to raise her baby. This changes generally impact behavior and body morphology. Pregnancy generally causes the abdomen to protrude therefore shifting the center of gravity in the body of a woman. There are also changes that occur in the pelvic girdle of a woman that also influence her body morphology. This affects the spine health and can therefore cause pain after the child has been delivered.

Prevention of breech birth

The pelvis of a woman may also be misaligned. This may minimize the room a baby has to move. Medically, this is called intrauterine constraint. Intrauterine constrain may affect the wellbeing of the mother. It can also cause difficulty during delivery. The baby may find it difficult to get to the right position and therefore can cause breech birth. Chiropractic manipulation can ensure that the pelvic girdle is well positioned to ensure in a maneuver known as Webster Technique. This positively impacts the growth of the child in the uterus and also reduces the cases of breech births.

Keeps the nervous system healthy

Keeping the nervous system healthy aids communication of the entire body. Spinal manipulation ensures that the Central Nervous System is healthy and therefore makes communication of body systems including the reproductive system effective. Better nervous response during pregnancy is important because a lot depends on prompt response to stimuli.


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