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The leading causes of neck pain according to a chiropractor

Neck pain doesn’t come out of nothing. Even if sometimes you don’t get to know the real cause, there has to be something behind its occurrence. According to chiropractors, the root cause is simply the neck vertebra getting out of position. The spine projects into the neck region to connect to the head. Any abnormalities concerning the neck vertebra will cause improper movements that tear the flesh or pinch the nerves to trigger pain. The pain will not go away as long as the misalignment persists. Correction of such conditions is easy with a chiropractor involved. Here are the common causes of neck pain.


It’s the leading cause of neck pain. The spine is intact under normal circumstances. However, there are joints in between the vertebra that facilitate motion including the turning of the neck to a certain degree. When there is a sudden impact say due to a car accident, the spinal joints around the neck region form the weak points where the spine can get out of position. It can be either from front to back impact or side to side sudden movement. Both will come with severe pain that doesn’t disappear. For such cases, you need to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible to prevent further complications. The ligaments and the tendons will be aligned and left to heal naturally.

Poor use of phones

Smartphones are amazing in all aspects. They are personal companions no matter where you might be. However, not all the people know how to use these gadgets the healthy way. In fact, the biggest population is addicted to using the mobile devices in such a way that it hurts their necks. When out in the field, it is common to find people using phones often having their heads hunched. Considering that that posture might be adopted for long hours today, tomorrow and the days to come, it causes some neck nerves to be pinched on a permanent basis as the vertebra gets out of position. What follows is pure pain.

Poor sleeping habits

When asleep, you don’t have much control of your positions. You can only ensure safety before you sleep by having a nice pillow below your head. Those who opt for flat pillows are the same people who keep complaining of neck pain. That’s because instead of the neck being straight as it is supposed to be naturally, it has to be stretched a bit to adopt a gradient to the flat pillow.

Awkward positioning of the neck for long

Your neck should be in motion most of the times. The people who sit behind screens watching all day have an issue to deal with hear. If you are a painter, and you keep staring at the ceiling for too long, you are also not safe. A chiropractor will advise that you keep your neck in motion to prevent neck pains.

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